Jasper Quispel filmeditor

I am an experienced, calm and passionate editor with a lot of love for editing.

I think it is important that everyone feels comfortable in the editing room and should be able to say what they want. In addition, I make sure that everyone's opinion is heard and I pursuit until we have a final version that everyone is happy with.

While editing I keep an overview by working in a structured way. I therefore do not find it a problem to think along with planning in order to not delaying the rest of the post-production. That way you can stay within budget while at the same time guaranteeing quality.

I also like a clear working method in the edit. I think the story that is told is very important and the emotion it evokes. Details must be correct, both image and sound. 

That is why I am always very focused on setting up music and sound design in my editing. The color scheme and temporary Visual Effects must also be correct, so that it does not hinder a viewing.


Feature film / Drama series / Short


Television / Online / Branded Content


Music documentaries /

Editing is always a quest for the right film that is hidden in the material.

To get to that final film, I like to try out as much as possible to make the story work optimally.


As an editor he is tireless. Always looking for a better version of a schnitt, of a dialogue, of the entire film. And when the fragments of the rushes sometimes grab you by the throat after all the toil on set, he manages to pull the film tight with good coffee and unquenchable optimism.


Jaap van Heusden

Director In Blue

Because of his experience, vision and craftsmanship, he played a very large part in the eventual tension, the structure and the rhythm of the scenes. I am convinced that, partly because of this, Final Destination has generated so many positive reactions, both at home and abroad.


Jan Pool

Director Terminus

I really enjoy working with Jasper, both for fiction projects and commercials.
He is very strong in terms of narrative, works quickly and independently, is technically extremely skilled and also very musical. It is also always just very cozy and he has a very nice and spacious workplace, where you can easily receive customers.


Marleen Jonkman

Director several commercials