Editing is always a search for the right film that is hidden in the material. To get to that final film, I like to try out as much as possible to make the story work optimally.

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My skills

My DJ past has given me a good sense of timing and rhythm. This also comes in handy when making music edits.

In the editing I keep an overview by working in a structured way and I like to think along about schedules to prevent delays, stay within budget and guarantee quality.

In the edit I am focused on setting up music and sound design, color grading and temporary Visual Effects, so that the story and emotion come across well.

I work with both Avid and Adobe Premiere and keep myself up to date with the latest techniques.

It's important to me that everyone feels comfortable in the editing room and that opinions are heard until we have a final version that everyone is happy with.

My story

As an experienced, calm and passionate editor with a lot of love for editing, I have been working in the profession since 2005.

After graduating from the film academy in editing, I started as a junior editor at post-production house KAOS. 

There I quickly edited episodes of small and large drama series, after which made me self-employed and eventually founded my own editing studio at DC25. 

It is here where I work solo or in collaboration with fellow editors Bas Icke, Elsbeth Kasteel and Tim Wijbenga.

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Golden Calf nomination 2018
Editing In Blue
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Golden Calf 2018
Director/screenplay/actress In Blue
Emmy Award statue
Emmy kids award 2017
Casper and the Christmas angels
Emmy Award statue
Emmy award 2014
Actress The new world